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The Top Four Tips for Choosing the Best Excerpt + Three Fiery Examples

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One of the hardest things to do when you’re beginning to promote a new book is choose the excerpts. Many authors just choose to post the first chapter of their new book, and hope that by the end of it, readers want to buy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing an excerpt, and these things will either make or break you when it comes to getting readers to buy your book.
Here are the top four tips for choosing the best excerpt that will make readers want to buy your book:

Tip #1: Write the best book you can write from the very beginning. Choosing a great excerpt means you have to have written a great book. If your book is not your best effort, then your excerpts are going to be so so, and no amount of trying to choose a great excerpt is going to help.

Tip #2: Choose an excerpt that ends with a cliff hanger. When you choose an excerpt that ends with a cliff hanger, readers want to read more to find out what happened! When your excerpt ends with readers being  already able to figure out who the villain is, they are most likely not going to buy your book. Leaving them with the curiosity to know more will sell more books, even if they’ve figured out the butler did it LOL 🙂

Tip #3: Length doesn’t always determine the best excerpt, so be careful about how much you offer readers. Some authors think that if you provide the first two or three chapters that this will hook readers into wanting to buy their book, however this isn’t necessarily true. There is such a thing as giving readers too much. Remember you want to give them just enough to tease them, to make them want to read more, not half the book so they decide after those few chapters that maybe they don’t want to buy after all.

Tip #4: Choose an excerpt that is going to “hook” your reader. Think of excerpts like you did your blurb. Remember how when you wrote your blurb the idea was to give readers just enough about the story to make them want to buy? Well choosing the best excerpt is the same idea. Choose excerpts that hook your reader from the very first word.  Find a part in your book where something key to the story is about to happen and then start your excerpt there. Just make sure you don’t give away too much, this is where you want to end on a cliff hanger as mentioned before.

Forgetting these tips, could mean less sales and possible not getting contracts in the future. However, if you keep these things in mind when choosing your excerpts, you will be much more likely to sell your book to the masses, and get those new contracts too!

Now here are a couple of examples:
Great excerpt from great books, actually great series–-virtus Saga Book 4 The Leader – EROTIC

“Do I have to ask it formally?”
“Humor me, Demon. I like to hear you grovel.”
Instinct suggested an appropriate punishment, but he restrained himself. “Will you pledge to me?”
“That’s the wrong question.”
“Then enlighten me on the right one.”
“Do you, Christopher Templeton, want to pledge to Ylianor Caldwell?”
“And what’s the correct answer?” Sarcastic, he took a step forward.
“Hey, I’m not the one asking the damn question.” She inched forward. “I’m not the one whose father expects to see his son pledge at all costs.” Her eyes blazed. “I’m not the one who’ll use the pledge to get to another. I’m not—”
“All right, enough!” He threw her on the bed, crashing on top of her, his weight so hard she gulped for air. “Now you listen to me.” Excited and frustrated, her body swayed against his, the start of another dangerous arousal. “I don’t give a damn about my father’s wishes.” With a commanding gesture, he spread her legs wide apart. “Or about pledging to you if you weren’t so fucking like him I don’t have to shut my eyes to imagine I’m with him every time I’ll be alone with you,” he whispered huskily, his cock turning to stone by her heated rub. “Nor would I ever ask you if you weren’t the only one, man or woman, who dared defy my power, and you were merely seven years old at the time. Or if you didn’t have the guts, like no one else I know, to jump in my fire without any protection.” Sticking two fingers in her mouth, he waited until she wet them. “Or wanting to be my slave in pain.” With deliberate harshness, he shoved her ass hole, her quiver telling him it was not a pleasure. “And being so damn good at playing my bloody game.” He ground the fingers in the narrow entrance until it gave in, her body arching to signal the switch from one sensation to another. “If you really want me to admit it, the connection is what’s driving me crazy about you.” Now she was ready for him. Raising her legs, he barely noticed the drenched cunt before thrusting hard, gaining an inch at a time. And there she did it again—the switch from woman to man he had already noticed in Harbor Town. More than a physical thing, it was a matter of reactions that increased his perception of her as a different gender, despite her hand reaching down between her legs. “No, you don’t.” Grabbing both arms, he raised them above her head. “There’ll be no pleasure for you until I say so.”

Cliffhanger ending fromTasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue Series Book 2 – PG MM

Neither spoke for a moment, their gaze saying it all. Then as if in slow motion, Leon moved forward, his imposing frame cornering Sean against the Volkswagen. “Finally got fucked, sweetie?” Sarcasm dripped heavily from his husky voice as his nose somehow detected Anthony’s smell.
“Just following your example…lover.” He sneered angrily, breathing an unfamiliar smell on Leon’s close, too close body.
“I do the fucking, remember?”
“So can I, remember?”
Leon grinned. “Had I known, I’d have invited you more often these past few nights. You could’ve even had your pick between a blonde, a redhead—”
“You fucking son of a bitch!” Sean shoved him away, but Leon, anticipating his move, grabbed his shoulders and crushed him to the car. The prey struggled to be free, but the hunter tightened his hold. “I already have a choice.” Sean spat angrily. “Like the one I fucked tonight who begged me to stay at his place—”

Short and very hot to top everything off from Sacrificial Sex

Rowen’s fingers continued their exciting tease almost as if he felt him still taut. His anxiety had started the moment Rowen had challenged Mylos with his revelation of their promiscuous meetings. In his heart, the disciple knew that no matter how mad the Blood Divine might get, he would never take it out on Rowen. His servant would more than likely be the only recipient of his wrath so Patris’s future had hung on the balance for an excruciatingly long moment.
Relax now, little one, the order seemed to come from nowhere. He’s accepted what we do and won’t hurt  you  for it.
Patris wanted to reply, but a rush of love washed away all concerns. Not knowing where it came from, he accepted the wonderful gift, melting inside the wave, calming his beating heart and relaxing his muscles as ordered. As if to help him along, Rowen resumed playing with his cock, which had suffered a bit of a fall due to the tense situation. His skillful touch though, soon restored the earlier erection, jerking it confidently.
Mylos pushed back Patris’s head, letting it hang down from the table’s edge, and quickly shoved his rigid thickness deep inside the warm mouth, pushing repeatedly to get all the way inside. Patris coughe

Just released my novella Slave for Sex!

Me and Terry, my character from Bondage Slave For Hire, will be celebrating Halloween HERE!

My third and so far last novella from the eXtasy anthologies is now available!

Rydan’s dead lover returns as a green faerie, seducing him into passionate sex and submission, but will he trust her enough to change his destiny?

Slave for Sex
AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
Erotica, Gay, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal,Novellas, m/m, m/m/m/m
ISBN: 9781771115735
Originally part of eXtasy Anthology Emerald Envisage released 15 March 2009 – FLAMES: 4 – PAGES: 69 – WORD COUNT: 13.087 – RELEASE DATE: 21 October 2013 – PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books – COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin

Just released Oct. 15 Bondage Slave For Hire!

Just because you are a bondage slave for hire, do you deserve to die on Halloween night?
I did it! My first BDSM novel!! Also my first vampire story!!! Still can’t believe it’s released TODAY!!!!
Seriously, I’m real excited about this release. I decided to try my hand on BDSM, and I had loads of fun writing it. Not to mention excitement. ‘Cause I discovered it can be really sexy, if I applied my style to it. The Erotic Romance with an Edge style, which is just perfect for hard-core BDSM scenes. And the horror ties in just right, with all its Halloween mystery and intrigue. So here’s to BDSM and to a spooky Halloween!
Bondage Slave For Hire
AUTHOR Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à trois/quatre, Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Horror, Shapeshiter, Vampires, Demons, Holiday, m/m/m, m/m/m/f
ISBN: 9781771117180
HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames
PAGES: 309
WORD COUNT: 90.558
RELEASE DATE: 15 October 2013
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Carmen Waters

Nothing satisfies Lilly. Not even working at The Dungeon BDSM Club as a bondage slave for hire. A slave looking for her true master. None have fit the bill so far. Until Terry. He spins her craving to fever pitch. And she might just fall in love with him, if she could only be his slave. Not just his. Julien and André’s, too. His gorgeous Creole lovers. Because they are the perfect Masters. But also keepers of the Black Room. On Halloween, she’ll discover just how bad and dangerous their pain-lust game can really be. Will she be able to fulfill their true needs? Or will she perish in the attempt?

To get your appetites up and running, here’s Lilly when she begs three gorgeous men to enslave her. Which, as she soon finds out, is not enough for them to accept her plea. And for those who prefer the more erotic side, click HERE for an MMMF sizzling hot excerpt.

Flung into the semi-dark dungeon, Lilly crouched on the ground. Stark naked. Forehead touching the cold floor.
From the little she had been able to determine, the place resembled The Dungeon Club. Same dungeon-style. Same chains and shackles on the walls. Hooks on the ceiling. Toys strewn around. All the works, only on a smaller scale. ‘Cause this dungeon was roughly the size of a normal house basement. A dark, musty place now lit only by the tall flames of a large brazier set in the middle of the chamber.
“Master Terry, Master André, Master Julien,” she continued as she had been instructed. “I beseech you.” Not daring to raise her head, as she had been instructed. “To grant me the honor and privilege of serving you.” Not even knowing if they were actually there. “In exchange, I surrender my body, mind and soul. From now on, my life belongs to you. From now on, you have total charge and control over it.”
True, she hadn’t seen any one of them. Not since being thrown inside the Mercedes. She hadn’t had her sight back until one of the three had removed her blindfold and tossed her inside the dungeon. Where there was too much energy for her to be alone.
“I will be yours. Your slave to all effects and purposes. At your complete disposal. Always. And everywhere. Yours to use as you see fit.” The words fell smoothly from her lips. “I vow to obey your every order and command now and forever. To submit to your complete domination, whatever form it takes now and in the future.” As if she meant all of them. “To serve you in whatever way, place and time you should ever require. To fulfill and satisfy your every demand, need and request, regardless of mine.” And maybe she did, for they felt right at gut level. “To endure or find pleasure in each and every kind of torture you’ll devise for me, now and in the future.” Like she had been born to say them. “Never ever will I betray you or your secrets.” Which she was coming to believe were many and varied. “Never ever will I leave you. Never ever will I take initiatives without your outright and formal permission or consent.”
Whatever or whoever they were, she didn’t care. She would crush her will and offer it to them, no matter the consequences.
“If I break any of these vows, I’ll accept whatever punishment you will decide upon, including death.”
Well, life seemed a small price to pay anyway, if compared to the incredible adventure she was about to embark on.
Silence fell in the dungeon. A heavy void that nailed her to the icy ground she had been talking to.
At first, she just waited. Then an insidious fear snuck up her spine.
What if they didn’t accept her plea? What if they sent her home, laughing and taunting her idiocy for presuming three gorgeous beings like them should ever want to have anything to do with her insignificant self?
The doubt further crushed her to the cold floor. She fought the instinct to raise her head and glance around. Suppressing the necessity to be reassured she wasn’t alone, she scolded herself for being as weak and as miserable as to want to prove it to them, too.
“Rise, slave.”
Finally, out of the darkness, Terry’s voice shot relief through her every fiber. And the room brightened immediately, as though a sun’s ray had just found its way inside.
Lilly scrambled to her feet, keeping her head lowered.
“Approach the brazier.”
Lulled by Terry’s warm voice, almost like in a trance, she advanced to where he commanded. The large, round thing stood on three slim, metal legs. The flames licked high, almost to the ceiling. A true wall of fire and scalding heat that was like a gust of hot air blew on Lilly’s face. One more step forward and it would’ve been unbearable.
So she stopped.
The slight trace of impatience in Terry’s tone prompted her legs to move, even if she would’ve rather refused.
Now the fire scorched her skin. Literally. Also cut her breath off, if she had to be precise. Neither of which convinced her to budge from where her Master ordered.
“Slave, we are considering your plea.” It was Julien talking.
He had the deepest voice of all, with a slight Southern drawl she was learning to recognize.
“But first we need proof of your submission and obedience.” Now it was André’s turn.
“It will be no small privilege to serve us,” Terry picked up from where André left off. “A privilege you’ll have to earn, if you’re still set on giving yourself over to us.”
“I am.” To prove it, she stepped nearer to the wall of fire, risking that the flames burned her hair. “I want to be your slave.” No matter what.
“Then you’ll have to prove it,” Julien scoffed, uncaring of her very good intentions.
“I’ll do anything you order.” She meant it.
“What we ask is really quite simple.” Julien’s irony was a sure sign he was getting loads of fun in putting her in the most difficult positions.

5 Tips to Help New Authors Use Twitter Effectively

When you’re a new author, figuring out how to market your book effectively so you get book sales is tough. Just trying to navigate the book marketing jungle is enough to make some authors give up before they’ve started. But you don’t have to be one of those authors. You can instead be one of the authors in the know. One of your best tools for effective book marketing is Twitter. Twitter scares many new authors because they don’t know how to use it effectively to sell their books. Here are five tips to get you the new author started:

1. Don’t just use Twitter for advertising your book. This is a quick way to get followers to un-follow you. If you only send tweets when you have a new book out or when you’re trying to get people to buy it, you will lose people. Instead tweet about things that interest you. You could for example find out interesting facts about events in one of the towns where your characters live and then tweet about them with links. Or you could tweet about a job one of your characters has and tie it into your book.

2. Get involved in Twitter conversations. You can do this by searching on Twitter for subjects that interest you. The best way is to add a hash tag or look for popular topics associated with a particular hash tag and then get involved. #amwriting or #bookmarketing for example.

3. Use Tweetdeck or Socialoomph to schedule your tweets ahead of time. This saves you time and energy. Personally I prefer Tweetdeck because I can also respond to new followers, and follow them back!

4. Follow people whose tweets interest you. In order to get followers you have to follow others. Be judicious about who you follow, while it’s perfectly okay to follow other authors (after all they are readers too!) try and follow an equal amount of others who read such as reviewers for example.

5. Use your author’s name as your Twitter handle. Some authors use their book title or a variation of it, or some other handle that readers won’t recognize, and this can end up costing you in book sales if readers aren’t able to associate your Twitter account with you. Now there are exceptions, for example, my handle lalla gatta is now associated with my author’s name Laura Tolomei. But that’s because I worked hard to make sure it was so. I still strongly urge authors to use their name or pen name when they set up their Twitter account so readers can easily find them.

Twitter should be in the marketing arsenal of every new author, and I hope these tips will help you the new author to use Twitter to more effectively market your books!

And if you’re particularly efficient in the promoting, you might end up also with an audio book. It’s what happened to me. So here’s my first audio book ever:

Besides the marketing tips, what authors really need is a great book! I won’t go as far as saying my Halloween release is a great book, but I’m certainly very proud of myself and of how my first BDSM book turned out. For my readers and all those passing by, I include a sneak preview Unedited excerpt and blurb of Bondage Slave For Hire.


Release of Romance Divine’s 52nd Audio Book – Re-Scue, Author Laura Tolomei

Romance Divine LLChad its 52nd audio book go on sale on 18 September 2013: Author Laura Tolomei‘s Re-Scue, narrated by Kellie Kamryn.

Original borderline story at the edge of accepted conventions, Re-Scue, ReScue Series #1, spans four different lifetimes connected by an insane passion for sex and blood. The players are always the same: a hunter and his prey. The rule is always the same: sex without feelings.

But the prey wants more.

Each story is set in a world of its own. The characters changes physical traits and sometimes sex. But whatever world they’re in, whatever shape they have, their bloody seductive game is as exciting as the first time.

Didri and Tylean begin the sadistic ritual on Byoldar, a futuristic world where he teaches her about pain and pleasure. The game continues with Aural and Rhodri on Thuly, a fantasy medieval-style world. Together, they will break new boundaries in passion without emotions, leaving it to Leon and Sean to end the game on 21st century Earth.

Author Laura Tolomei‘s Re-Scue is Romance Divine‘s longest audio book to-date, clocking in at over ten hours running time. It posed quite a challenge for narrator Kellie Kamryn and Editor Gregory Causey, but they are both proud of the results.

The game continues in Tasting Leon’s Mark (publisher Whiskey Creek Press Torrid WCPT), ReScue Series #2, with a different setting, a different relationship, but no end to their incomprehension’s. True, the lifetimes have taught them not to destroy one another, but can they also learn to trust each other with their deepest feelings?

Also look out for Chapter Three of the ReScue Series: Awere-Ness.


Listen to free audio sample: Chapter 12
More samples available on the official web page.

Boudicca: British Celt Queen of the Iceni

All we know of Boudicca is what a few Romans wrote about her. Unfortunately, as is often the case with invasions, only the victor’s side of the story is told. Boudicca’s story at least the Roman’s version of it, was re-discovered in 1360 in the work of the Roman Tacitus titled “Annals.” Once the story was rediscovered, the British took her to heart and she is considered a revered folk heroine by them.
According to Annals, Boudicca was the Queen of a British Celt tribe called the Iceni. Her tribe through her husband had a guarded relationship with the Romans. At this time the Romans had invaded Britain and subjugated most of the Celtic tribes living there. However, they allowed some autonomy to Boudicca’s husband Prasutagus and he was allowed to continue to rule over his people and keep most of his land. He was even given a grant by the Romans. However, later the Romans claimed the grant was a loan. Because of this Prasutagus in his will left half his kingdom to the Romans and the other half to his wife and daughters. Unfortunately, the Romans showed up to collect and decided that they should get the entire kingdom and went out about doing what they could to humiliate Boudicca, her daughters and the rest of the royal family. When Boudicca protested she was flogged, her daughters were raped, and most of the royal family was sold into slavery by the Romans.
Boudicca’s and her daughter’s treatment by the Romans in particular enraged her. Instead of subjugating her and teaching her place as I’m sure the Romans thought such behavior would do, it had the opposite effect. Boudicca raised an army comprised of Iceni and other Celtic tribes that numbered 100,000 warriors. She then took that army and attacked the Roman city of Camulodunum and burned it to the ground, leaving only the temple still standing. Boudicca then turned her sights on Londinium and its inhabitants. Just as she and her army had with Camulodunum, they burned it to the ground and killed the 25,000 people who had not fled when news of her army coming had reached them. The third city they attacked was Verulamium. The interesting thing about this city was that it was mostly comprised of Brittons. But, because these Brittons had cooperated with the Romans, Boudicca killed the inhabitants and destroyed their city.
However, as is often the case with wars someone has to lose, and according to the Annals, that was Boudicca and her army. The Iceni and their allies had left their fields fallow in order to attack the Romans, and Boudicca had thought to take Roman food stores to feed her army and her people. Unfortunately, the Romans got there first and burned their own food stores in order to keep it out of the hands of Boudicca and her army. Without food, Boudicca and her people weakened and though they kept fighting in spite of this, they were easily overcome by the Romans in a final battle. 80,000 of Boudicca’s warriors were killed, leaving only 20,000 alive.
Not much is known about what happened to Boudicca after she and her army were defeated by the Romans. There are some accounts that claim that she returned to her lands and took poison so as not to be captured by the Romans.

In my book Roman Seduction, Trespassing Series #1, I imagined a different ending to her, as you can read in the excerpt below. A different name. A different ending. Still, it’s my personal account of Boudicca’s tale. Pure fantasy, of course. But you know me–I love mixing history with fantasy LOL
Happy reading!

Stretching his powerful muscles, Attilio wondered if he ought to leave, feeling again uncomfortable at spending the whole night with a woman. In fact, he had not ever since Curia’s incidents.
Curia Raetorum was a bustling Roman stronghold in the Rheine valley, nestled among lakes. The name came from the Celtic kora or koria, meaning clan or tribe. It had been his first experiencewith the Celts and not a very pleasant one at that. Fascinated by their culture, Attilio had set out to study its every facet, soon learning the basics of their tongue. Keitha had helped him at first, her supple body keeping him warm while her mouth spoke the new words…when he let it free. And it seemed just like so many other assignments, Attilio recalled regretfully, the story still burning inside.
Exactly when he began to have some doubts, he could not tell later. The centurion only knew that at one point, Keitha did not seem so attractive. He smelled something he did not like at all so, before the feeling grew worse, he ended the affair. But the stink hid darker secrets. Head of a faction set against Rome, Keitha sparked a full-scale revolt, trying to conquer back her territory from the invaders. Skirmishes soon turned into battles until the Romans had to kill all the rebels, Keitha included.
When Attilio had seen her body in the dust, he had not known whether to cry or laugh for having survived the dangerous trap. There was no doubt in his mind she had played him, trying to steal precious information. Of course, the centurion had never revealed anything of importance, but it did not make him feel any better. Implicitly, he had trusted Keitha as he did all women over men in general. After the incident, he asked himself if he allowed sex to cloud his judgment and the answer was not to his liking. So Attilio had taken a long vacation from women altogether, hoping to restore the inner balance Keitha had destroyed. An impossible task, he realized after much soul searching, feeling his body’s hungry craving for soft flesh and round curves. Maybe that’s the only balance I need, he had hoped, resuming the physical activity while keeping emotionally detached. Mostly, he needed some strong injection of…Trust? Faith? Positive energy? He had no clue, but Keitha had irremediably broken something very precious to him and he had to fix it before the warm, exciting female universe slipped forever from his grasp. Exactly who or what could mend the aching hole was still up for debate.

Duplicate Content Can be the Kiss of Death For Authors Or Why You Should Never Use Duplicate Content

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just wrote two or three guest blogs and then used only those posts for say a twenty stop blog tour, or even a ten stop one? Well, let me tell you, this is not something you want to do. While it may seem easier to just use articles you’ve written over and over and over again for your blog tours, they can cause you huge problems later on down the road. The reason is that Google hates duplicate content and in fact goes around searching online for it. If you use the exact same article over and over again, Google will find it and will take duplicate content out of the search engine results. So, one instance of your article, and so one stop on your blog tour will show up in the search results, but the other three or four will not. This can be the kiss of death for an author who is trying to get the word out about their book.

Why is it the kiss of death? Well, for a couple of reasons, here’s mainly why though. For one readers are only going to read that article once, if they go to one of your next tour spots and see the same article, they are going to leave immediately. If they see the same article during another blog tour later on, they may stop attending your blog tour events all together. That’s just one reason, and it’s a big one. You don’t want readers clicking away because of duplicate content. Another reason is that it gives readers the idea that you don’t care enough as an author about your readers to write new content for them. And finally, it kills you in the search engines and possibly with any new readers who may stumble on one of your guest blogs when they do a search, and discover that when they go to one of the next stops you’ve used the same content yet again.

Smart authors plan their blog tours well in advance, giving themselves enough time to write new content for each stop. Or if they really want to plan well, they’ll figure out how many stops they want for their blog tour, and then write those articles before they even schedule the tour. Then all that’s left is to send the guest post and other material to your blog tour company or if you’re doing it yourself the blog owner a few days or a week before your guest blog is to be posted. That way you don’t run the risk of angering readers, and killing yourself in the search engines because you’re being penalized for duplicate content.

Laura Tolomei: Fantastic Reviews, Audio Samples + More Great News

Blackraven’s Reviewskeeps reading theVirtus Sagaand finding it exceptional! Here’s an excerptfrom the two reviews:
The Game, Virtus Saga #2
If you’re looking for an action-packed, dangerous adventure with engaging characters who are complex, flawed, and at times lovable, a plot that thickens with suspense and angst with the turn of every page, and enough smoking hot sex scenes to keep your body in a state of arousal for days on end, then The Game by Laura Tolomei is definitely the book to read.”Read full Blackraven’s Reviews

The Sex, Virtus Saga #1
“Ms. Tolomei has penned a riveting story that will take the reader through a myriad of emotions that range from anger to sorrow to unbridled passion. Any book that can accomplish such a feat is FREAK-IN-FANTASTIC in my opinion. The characters are well-developed and three-dimensional, the dialogue is refreshing and bold, the emotions are raw and untamed, the world building is amazing and intriguing, and the sex is explosive and uninhibited. I simply couldn’t get enough of this well-crafted story and read it in one sitting.” Read fullBlackraven’s Reviews

My novella, The Moon Priestess, is now also Kindle! Nothing easier than to log on to Amazon and download your copy now!

Re-Scue the Audio Book, ReScue Series #1, is almost here. In the meantime, listen to All Exclusive Audio Samples, including the newest one:

Chapter 18PGChapter 18PGChapter 17R

What is Spam? How Does It Effect You as an Author?

I have run into more than one author online who has been convinced that sending promotions to groups, e-mail lists that have been opted into, tweet posts, FB posts etc. that are similar or the same are spam. My first thought when I hear an author say, “But I can’t send that promotion out on the groups again it’ll be considered spam!” is that someone hasn’t taken their marketing classes or done their research.
The truth is I’ve run into this more than once and I’m always amazed, especially since the cardinal rule of marketing is that potential readers or buyers need to see something at least seven times before they’re going to be motivated to buy it. For example, do you only see a commercial on television one time? You don’t do you. It’s often played over and over, and while that can be annoying it’s true, it is because they are following that cardinal rule mentioned above. That being said, it only makes sense to put that material or promotion in front of readers at least once weekly. Now, I’m by no means suggesting you post exactly the same promotion every single day. That would not be spam since you’re sending it to people that have opted to receive promotions by joining the yahoo group, newsletter, twitter subscription, or whatever the case may be, but it would be annoying. That’s why I always suggest authors keep it to once a week for each book. It’s fine to promote more than once a week, just vary your promotions so you are doing a different book each time you promote during the week. If you only have one book out, then consider changing up the excerpt so readers have something new to read each time you post.
Now, you may be thinking, “But, but, that means it will take seven weeks before a reader buys my book!” However, this is not necessarily true. Keep in mind, particularly for the yahoo groups, that there are often hundreds if not thousands of readers, and many of them are on digest. What this means is that readers read through their digest, and maybe more than once, so there is a good chance they will see your post more than once. When you couple that with using Twitter, Facebook, and your own newsletter or webpage where often you will have the same or similar target market, chances are some of the same readers will be there and see your promotion a second or even third time. This will help to shorten the amount of time until someone buys your book.
Remember, contrary to what some groups and authors will tell you, spam is not sending the same or similar promotion to a group of subscribers more than once, spam is when you send unsolicited e-mails, or posts to those who have not opted to be a part of the yahoo group, newsletter list, twitter and FB subscriptions in question. Or when you send promotions on a day that the yahoo group etc. does not allow them. That’s one final tidbit. You have to follow the rules for the group.
If you keep in mind that the rule of thumb in marketing is to get your material in front of readers so they see it seven times, and then you change up the material often, there is less chance you will run into problems with those terrified of receiving or seeing what they consider to be spam.

Love Triangles – Tara Fox Hall guest blogger

Thank you to Laura Tolomei for having me here today at Latta Gatta J
Love is in all great stories, be they romances, westerns, fantasy, or even action-adventure. And there is no greater riveting aspect of a great story than the plot device of a love triangle. Would Gone with the Wind be such a classic without the romance between Ashley, Scarlett, and Rhett? Without love triangles, would so many people have flocked to see Titanic, Hunger Games, Twilight, or even The Return of the King?
I remember many teen novels with love triangles from my youth. Usually there was an obvious choice: the good guy and the bad one. Both guys were generally handsome, men of means, and adept at physical combat, be it swords, guns or fists. The good guy was caring, stalwart, and often blond. The bad guy was aloof, sometimes cruel, and prone to rashness that he often apologized for later, as well as often dark haired. Our heroine had a much easier time of choosing in those days, and almost exclusively the good guy in the last few pages won her heart where he asked her to marry him.
Today’s novels are much more complex, the choice not anywhere as easily made. Often the two males are very similar in their actions, and it’s only in the last few pages that we find out which choice is the good guy; He often was “misunderstood” in some of his actions. With that revelation, the best choice for a hubby is easily seen! The old physical descriptions are out the window, too. It’s very common to see the blond and blue-eyed man be the villain, and the scruffy, dark haired man turn out to be the “diamond in the rough.” I have to say this change is a very good one. To not know which “hero” will win out in the end makes romantic suspense novels much more riveting and exciting.
My Promise Me series is no exception, with the love triangle of Theo, Sar, and Danial. Danial is a 400+ year old vampire who runs a corporate detective business called Solutions, Inc. He’s got dark hair and dark eyes. He’s romantic but cagy, handsome, elegant, and always polite. Theo is a werecougar about 35 years old who is Danial’s partner and bodyguard, and has been his best friend for the last ten years. Theo has blond hair and blue eyes, likes to do woodcarving as a hobby, and is much more straightforward and truthful. Yet he’s also hot-tempered, quick to resort to violence, and has only one or two romantic bones in his exquisitely toned and muscular shifter body.
Sarelle is drawn toward both men for their strengths and grows to love both of them. Both Theo and Danial come to love her in return. But each male comes with their own sets of personal faults and problems, not the least of which is their supernatural natures. In fact, with their superhuman bodies, Danial’s need for blood/blood donors and abstaining from sunlight, and Theo’s need for shifting form and raw meat, “special needs” more clearly describes Danial and Theo. Sarelle does not have an easy choice to make. Add into this plot my own desire for originality, for story arcs to go in an unexpected direction, and you get something a little more than your standard love triangle. Yes, Sar eventually will have to make a choice of who she spends her life with. But there are more than a few surprises in store on her epic journey.

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Series: Promise Me, Book 3
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: (10) 1612355439 -(13) 9781612355436
Publisher: Melange Books, Llc
Release date: January 27, 201

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